Located about 95 km from Nagpur, Pench National Park is located in the southern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. With a picturesque vista and a treasure of flora and fauna, the park is an ideal camping site for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts. Some of the fauna you can spot are the royal Bengal tiger, chital, wolf, Indian leopard, gaur, four-horned antelope, sloth bear etc. Furthermore, a great variety of birds like crow pheasant, peafowl, pintail, lesser whistling teal, Indian roller, wagtail, munia, waterfowl, blue kingfisher, crimson-breasted barbet, red-vented bulbul are also found here.

The park draws its name from the Pench river that flows through the park from north to south, dividing it into two equal western and eastern halves. Out of these, one falls in the Seoni and the other falls in the Chhindwara district.