A famous pilgrim centre and an equally popular picnic spot is Thala Cauvery from where River Cauvery originates. It is nestled in the Brahmagiri Hills near Coorg. Sitting at a height of more than 1,250 m, it offers excellent views of the valley and the river below during the monsoon season. On the day of Cauvery Changrandi (the first day of the Tula Masa) in October, thousands of pilgrims come to Thala Cauvery to witness the spout of water that gushes up from a spring. Goddess Kaveramma is the main deity of the temple here, along with Maha Ganpathi and Lord Agasthiswara. The temple located at the confluence of the Kabini and Kaveri rivers, and the Spatika sarovara (known as Tirumakudalu Narasipura) is also dedicated to Lord Agasthiswara.

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