A popular tourist attraction, the pristine Shivanasamudra Falls, created by River Cauvery, are located around 65 km from Mysuru city. The water cascades down a height of 75 m, plunging into a rocky gorge to form two falls: Gaganachukki and Barachukki. While the former resembles a horsetail and has strong currents and a deep gorge, making swimming difficult, the latter is relatively placid and one can take a coracle ride to the mouth to enjoy the natural beauty. The best time to visit the falls is in monsoon when they flow in all glory. Asia's first hydroelectric project, established in 1902, is located downstream.

A score of food vendors have set up stalls near the parking lot, selling ice cream, churmuri (a Mysore delicacy made with puffed rice and shredded carrots), golgappa and other snacks, and tourists can enjoy some delicious savouries while drinking in the serenity of the scene.