Located just outside the fort of Tipu Sultan at Srirangapatna is the Gumbaz, which houses the tombs of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. A splendid example of Indo-Islamic architecture, the Gumbaz has doors made in ebony that have been inlaid with ivory and boast a magnificent dome. There are tiger stripes on the walls, an ode to the legacy of Tipu Sultan. Built during the period of Tipu Sultan is the Masjid-e-ala mosque with two minarets and flower designs carved on its pillars and roof. Delicately chiselled grape bunches and creepers have been carved in the centre of the mosque. In the courtyard is a solar clock made in stone. The structure itself sits on a platform that comprises pillars made from black granite. Gumbaz also has lush gardens known collectively as Lalbagh.

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