Locally known as erumadam, tree houses in Kerala are one of the best sites to enjoy the emerald and pristine beauty of the landscape. There are a number of resorts in and around Munnar that provide a comfortable stay in luxurious tree houses. These houses are constructed over tall trees overlooking the surrounding lush green forests. The interesting part about raising a tree house is that not one nail is used in perching the house on the tree. In fact, it is nicely tied to the tree using bamboo poles and ropes. Munnar is home to a number of imposing tree houses and staying in one is definitely a memorable and one-of-its-kind experience. These tree houses are constructed with the help of eco-friendly materials like coir mats, hay straws and bamboo poles. It is said that tree houses were first used by the tribal hunters of Munnar to get protection from wild animals but today, they are an exotic experience for tourists.

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