Manali is famed for its diverse handicrafts. These include jute slippers, a speciality of this region, that come in colourful patterns. These are popularly worn by both men and women. Other popular handicrafts are loi, which is a men's shawl woven with a light woollen fabric; dohru, which is a bed blanket and is ordinarily thick and rough; pattoo (pattu) that is a thick and heavy shawl worn by women over their outfits. It is tied around the waist with a piece of cloth and has brilliant colours that reflect the lively nature of the people of Manali. It is believed that the introduction of floral designs and other patterns on pattoo were done by certain weaver families of Bushehr about 150 to 200 years ago. Thus, they are also known as Bushehari dhari.

One can also shop for mufflers and caps that are widely available in various attractive designs. These are woven on looms and look very elegant. Don't forget to buy the beautiful Pashmina shawls to keep you warm in the freezing climate of Manali. Made from the finest cashmere wool, they come in both vibrant and subtle hues and have a really soft texture.

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