Situated at the highest point of Kumbhalgarh Fort is the Badal Mahal, which was built by Rana Fateh Singh, the ruler of Mewar, in the 19th century. The two-storeyed palace is divided into two distinct parts, namely the Zanana Mahal (for the royal ladies) and the Mardana Mahal (for the royal males). The palace has some lovely wall paintings of the 19th century style and the Zanana Mahal is adorned with lattice work or stone jalis from where the queens used to watch the proceedings of the court and other important events. The interiors are painted in pastel colours and one can get a view of the hillsides and deserts of Marwar from the palace. To reach the palace, one would have to climb up to the terrace through a narrow staircase.

Other Attractions In Kumbhalgarh