Kumarakom is home to a number of luxury resorts that offer a lot of options to explore the pristine backwaters of Kumarakom. Tourists can either take a motor boat or choose between a houseboat and a country boat. The Government Boat Jetty is the most pocket friendly and offers a chance to soak in the scenic beauty of Kerala's villages. Kerala Tourism Development Corporations backwater resort, Waterscapes, offers independent cottages that are built on stilts in the middle of coconut groves. Tourists can either take an early morning ride or an evening ride.

For an unforgettable experience in the backwaters of Kumarakom, hire a houseboat for a full day trip and wander through the gorgeous greens and deep blues of nature. The picturesque lake in Kumarakom is best visited during Onam when the place comes alive with exciting snake boat races. It's an amazing experience to watch large teams of rowers slicing their way through the backwaters singing songs and competing to win. At any given point of time, the alluring backwaters of Kumarakom are adorned with traditional country rafts, boats and canoes. The backwaters are also blessed with a rich variety of flora and fauna and a rich marine life. The popular karimeen or pearl spotted fish is exclusively found in Kumarakom. Other marine creatures found in the region are tiger prawns and crabs.

Other Attractions In Kumarakom