There's something special about the air of this tiny town, lying 7.5 km from the Kaziranga National Park, in Sonitpur district. Its natural beauty blends seamlessly with its old world charm. Gohpur has immense historical significance for the people of Assam. The town is famous for being the birthplace of legendary freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua, who was shot during the Quit India Movement. Barua's statue still stands as a testament to Assam's role in India's freedom struggle. One of the most peaceful spots of Gohpur is a historical pond known as Bor Pukhuri. Situated in front of the Gohpur Police station, the pond is an ideal spot to witness beautiful shades of the sky during sunset. A trip to Gohpur is incomplete without visiting Dhandi Devalay and the beautiful Gohpur Forest Reserve. Taxis to Gohpur are easily available at the Kaziranga National Park.

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