Kanchipuram Monastery is the largest centre for Buddhism in Kanchipuram, and the earliest literary record of the region speaks of a local king commissioning the monastery in the 2nd century. Other evidence points to the site being active till the 14th century. Today, it is a peaceful place that allows visitors a glimpse of the history of the town while enjoying a few moments of quiet and serenity.  

Many famous Buddhist monks once lived in the ancient city of Kanchipuram, which was an important Buddhist centre. Some of these centres are still present in the city. Sumati, Buddhaghosha, Jotipala, Acharya Dharmapala, Aniruddha, Deepankara Tero, Ananda Tero, Saddhamma Jotipala were some of the noted Buddhist monks who made Kanchipuram their home.

Other Attractions In Kanchipuram