Located to the north west of Jodhpur in Phalodi district, about 3 km away, the village of Khichan is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. Popularly known as the village of migrating birds, it has a cluster of ponds (talao) that typically hosts a large variety of unique birds like the demoiselle crane that flocks from North China and Mongolia. Numbering more than 20,000, the cranes fly to Khichan in August and stay on till March. During this time, the residents of the village take special care of their avian guests, keeping them well-supplied with grains. Special enclosures, known as chugga ghars, have been built to feed the birds. Therefore, this is the best period during which to visit Khichan.

The evenings at this village are sheer bliss, when the temperatures tip and the birds glide over the smooth surface of the ponds, the sun casting a warm glow over the town as it approaches the horizon. Undulating land roofed with blue skies makes it a perfect spot for weekend getaways.

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