Set against the backdrop of yellow sandstone hills, Gaitore is the place where former kings of Jaipur are entombed. Located just off the road leading to Amber Fort, the white marble chhatris or cenotaphs here are built in distinct Rajasthani style, with the intricacy of each chhatri reflecting the stature of the king buried beneath. The most magnificent one, with 20 finely sculpted pillars, belongs to Maharaja Jai Singh II (1688-1743), the founder of Jaipur. Many believe that the carving on each cenotaph represents the taste of every king and the culture that was prevalent at that time.


The word 'Gaitore' is believed to have been derived from the Hindi phrase 'Gaye ka Thor', which means a resting place for the departed souls. Gaitore lies about 15 km from Jaipur.

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