Situated at an elevation of 3,000 ft above sea level, the Tringalwadi Fort overlooks a vast area of the Sahyadri Hills. The fort is quite popular among trekkers and hikers, who find their way through challenging trails to get to the majestic structure. En route there are many ancient caves and temples that make for intriguing exploration sites. The initial 1 km of the trek involves walking through plain fields and crossing small streams to reach the ancient Pandav Leni caves. On reaching there, an outer verandah will lead you to a building that used to house Buddhist monks and the garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum). The verandah or vihar also houses a statue of Lord Buddha.

On proceeding further, you will come across dry cisterns and a large cave near the foothills of the fort. A short walk from here leads to underground cisterns carrying drinkable water. The beautiful designs carved on the pillars of these cisterns are sure to catch your attention. At the entrance of the fort stands a Shiva temple, from where one gets to see majestic views of Talgad and Igatpuri in the south, Kalsubai sanctuary in the east and Harihar and Basgad in the north. Visitors can pay respects at the Lord Hanuman temple, located near the Tringalwadi Lake, a few kilometres away from the fort.

Other Attractions In Igatpuri