Hyderabad is brimming with markets that are filled with delights for shoppers. The famed Laad Bazaar near the Charminar is a very old market that is most famous for its glittering and colourful lacquered bangle shops. One will also find in its narrow lanes cubbyhole stores offering sarees, wedding paraphernalia, Kalamkari paintings, semi-precious stone jewellery, silver ware, Bidri ware, brocade fabrics and lots more. One can also shop for pearl ornaments here. Hyderabad is very famous for pearl, even though it's not located by the sea. It is said the Nizams were fond of imported pearls and that's why the trading began here and has continued. The city is dotted with pearl shops. Char Kaman near Charminar is another area for pearl shopping. Visitors can also head to Shilparamam, an arts and crafts centre that is set up like a traditional village. It is a great place to buy traditional crafts, textiles, carpets and toys. Jubilee and Banjara Hills are areas that are filled with glitzy malls and high-end boutiques.

Other Attractions