An unassuming rectangular structure from the outside that reveals an ornate sandstone-coloured interior, the Queen's Bath is one of the finest examples of exquisite Indo-Islamic architecture in Hampi. Said to have been constructed for kings and queens, the 1.8-m-deep central bathing pool is surrounded by projecting balconies that are ornately decorated and arched corridors with pillars that still retain remnants of masterful stucco work. Just adjacent to it is the Queen's Palace with the Lotus Mahal pavilion. It is also known as Kamal Mahal or Chitrangini Mahal. This ornate two-storeyed ochre structure features 24 square pillars with recessed arches and exhibits a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The structure used to have an ingenious cooling system of aqueducts that used to keep the interiors pleasant during the hot summer months.

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