An island on the Tungabhadra river near Anegundi, Navabrindavanam is considered sacred by the followers of saint Sri Raghavendra, and houses the tomb of the saint. The small island is also home to tombs of eight other saints associated with the sect, hence the name Navabrindavanam (nava means nine and brindavana means tomb). You can reach Talarighata gate ferry at the fringes of the Hampi ruins. Anegundi village is located a ferry ride away and the island is about 2 km from the ferry point. Or, you can reach Anegundi by bus, and then take a local ferry to the island. You can also try a coracle (traditional round boat) ride here. Other than the tombs, there is a Lord Hanuman temple and Lord Venkateshwara temple. Folklore says Prahalada, the son of king Hiranyakashipu and a devotee of Lord Vishnu, spent hours meditating in a cave on this island. While the almost deserted island is very serene and peaceful, beware of the monkeys that abound here. It's ideal to come early in the morning and offer your prayers by 11 am.

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