Located at the centre of Hampi, the Matanga Hill is the highest point in the area and offers breathtaking views of the ruins. The north part of the hill slopes down to the Tungabhadra river, just where the Kodanda Rama Temple is located. On its eastern edge stands the Achyutaraya Temple, constructed in 1534. One of the last of the large temples built here, it has a sculpture of Lord Krishna dancing with a snake. The large central hall of the temple has many such beautiful sculptures. On top of the hill is the Veerabhadra Temple, with many winding paths leading up to it. It generally takes about 30 mins to reach the top and the views of sunrise and sunset from here are breathtaking. While a stepped path leads to the top, adventure-seekers can take the tougher and steeper trekker's trail as well. Locals say that the steps to the top were constructed during the Vijayanagara era and it seems like an irony that they survived the vagaries of time, nature and man, while the empire's other icons, are in ruins today. Matanga Hill is also popular for its links with Hindu mythology. According to the epic Ramayana, this is where monkey king Sugriva had hidden with Lord Hanuman, to save himself from the wrath of his brother Bali.

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