Located on the outskirts of Delhi, Tughlaqabad is speckled with ancient monuments, seeing that it was the capital of the Tughlaq dynasty that ruled over Delhi in the 14th century. The city houses fascinating stone fortifications, which surround it in an irregular manner. The typical feature of the monuments of Tughlaq dynasty are the sloping, rubble-filled city walls, which are 10-15 m in height and are further topped by battlement parapets and strengthened by circular bastions of up to two storeys.

The highlight of the city is the Tughlaqabad Fort, which was established by Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq in 1320-1321. The fort is located on the hills of the Aravalli range and its walls are as long as 6 km. The main purpose of building the fort was to defend it against the frequent Mongol attacks.

Other attractions in the city include a large artificial water reservoir, fortress of Adilabad etc.

Other Attractions in Delhi