Located at the heart of the city, Chowrasta, simply known as the Mall offers a lounge for soaking in the sun and enjoying the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the vibrant valleys of Darjeeling. It is the focal point of conversation and activity in this hill town, where locals and tourists alike come together to grab a snack, shop, or just enjoy the lovely scenery while sipping delicious Tibetan tea. The street buzzes with people hanging around quaint boutiques and shops offering a range of goodies. The other side of Chowrasta is lined with pine trees, interspersed with benches. You can often see people chatting and snacking while gazing out at the Himalayan peaks. For children, you will find locals offering pony rides this is particularly delightful for kids. You can also pick up souvenirs to take back home from Chowrasta.

Other Attractions in Darjeeling