Situated on the banks of the pristine Chambal and Brahmani rivers, the Bhainsrorgarh Fort is nestled in a thick forest cover. Constructed in the 2nd century, the fort houses a grand palace that has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Legend has it that this fort was once wrecked by Alauddin Khiliji (1296-1316) of the Khalji dynasty. Tourists can also head to the Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary that lies in close proximity to the fort. The wildlife that one can spot here includes deer, jackals, chinkaras, fox, hyenas, antelopes, wild boar, turtles, crocodiles, goose, black-bellied terns, red-crested pochards, stocks, hawks, owls and darters. Since the sanctuary is situated at the confluence of the Chambal and Brahmani rivers, one can also spot a freshwater dolphin swimming around.

Other Attractions in Chittorgarh