Beautiful lacquered wooden items are a speciality of Chitrakoot. They are made through a unique form of carpentry called lac-turnery. From gorgeous decor items to furniture, one can shop for a host of objects in the bustling markets of Chitrakoot.


The process of making these objects is an intricate one and involves the lacquering the wood. This is done on a lathe and can be hand or machines. For small and delicate items, a hand lathe is generally preferred. In the lac turney method, a stick of dried lac is pressed against the object as it turns on a revolving platform. As the object moves, the friction of the movement generates heat, which melts the lac and allows the colour to stick to the item.


A high level of skill is required to manipulate the lac stick, especially when a number of colours have to be used. For some lacquered toys, brushes made of goat hair are also used.