It is a legendary cliff that protrudes dramatically from a rugged mountain. The idyllic views from the cliff along with the lush scenic beauty of the surroundings have given rise to several romantic folklore. The most popular among them is the story of Lianchhiari and Chawngfianga.


Legend has it that Lianchhiari was a beautiful girl, who was the daughter of Vanhnuaithanga, the great tribal chief of Dungtlang. She fell in love with Chawngfianga, who was a common man. Their romance soon became the talk of the town and according to custom, the boy's parents sent a go-between (a person appointed to mediate between the groom and the bride's families) to the girl's house. However, the go-between was jealous of Chawngfianga and thwarted the plans of marriage. After this, Chawngfianga and his family were forced to leave the village and migrate to the nearby Chhingzawl village. Lianchhiari was heartbroken after hearing the news and used to sit on the precarious ledge of the cliff to see the village where her beloved had gone and yearn for him. This natural wonder lies at a distance of about 64 km south of Champhai on the way to Khawbung.

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