Kolayat is one of the most visited religious sites in Rajasthan that is famed for the holy Kolayat Lake. There are several temples near the lake but the most famous of them is the Kapil Muni Temple. Legend has it that Kapil Muni, the advocate of Shankya Yoga, was smitten with Kolayat's peaceful vibe and carried out a penance for the improvement of the world. The place even finds a mention in the holy scriptures of Hindus as Kapilayatan. After visiting the temple, tourists can relax at the peaceful ghats of the tranquil lake and catch a beautiful sunset or visit the nearby bustling market and shop for local handicrafts of Bikaner. The town is also famous for hosting the annual Kolayat Fair during Kartik Purnima, which draws devotees and tourists from all parts of the country. The best experience one can take during the fair is attending the evening event, Deep Malika, when devotees float earthen lamps in the sacred lake as a ritual. Kolayat is situated at a distance of 50 km from Bikaner and can be easily reached using private and public transport.

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