Located around 85 km from Bengaluru in Chikkaballapur district, the village of Vidurashwatha is a quaint and humble spot that invites visitors for its rich history. It is said that a group of villagers got together at Vidurashwatha on April 25, 1938, to organise a satyagraha (non-violent protest). In a similar incident to what happened at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, the police indiscriminately fired at them that resulted in the death of around 35 villagers. In the memory of the people who lost their lives, a memorial has been erected here and invites tourists from across the area.

The name Vidurashwatha has been taken from the huge 'ashwatha' or peepal tree in the village that is said to have been planted by Vidura of the epic Mahabharata.

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