Get off the busy city streets for a while and head to this scenic waterbody nestled at the heart of the city. Ulsoor Lake draws visitors for its picturesque surroundings, leisurely boat rides, tranquil waters and several little islands. Hire a cruise from the boat club at the lake and traverse through the pristine waters as you explore the myriad hues of the islands and soak in tranquility. Located in the northeastern fringes of the city, Ulsoor Lake was built by Kempe Gowda II, a ruler of the Vijayanagara empire, in the 2nd century.

The lake draws huge footfalls during the Ganesha Festival celebrated in the months of August and September. You can also visit the recreational complex near the lake or go for a swim in the well-maintained pool. Other nearby attractions include a gurudwara, considered to be the largest in the city and a temple dedicated to Lord Subbaraya.

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