Surrounded by well-maintained gardens, Bangalore Palace is a two-storeyed granite structure that is adorned with fortified towers and turreted parapets. A visit to the palace introduces tourists with the lavish lifestyle lived by one of southern India's most influential dynasties, the Wadeyars (1339-1947), who built it in 1887. The Bangalore Palace is famous for its beautiful wood carvings and fascinating architecture. To an extent, it resembles the medieval castles of Normandy and England as it has been built in the Tudor style of architecture, with Scottish Gothic influences. The most-striking feature of the palace is its vine-covered walls. The interior of the palace is in stark contrast with the English facade. One can see traditional Hindu style decor at the living quarters of the palace with elaborately decorated pillars and arches. Luxurious chandeliers and patterned walls are reminders of the princely past of the palace. The palace also houses some of the great paintings of the 19th and 20th century by renowned artists like Raja Ravi Varma.

As per an account, Wodeyar dynasty's king, Chamarajendra Wodeyar, on one of his trips to England, got awestruck by London's Windsor Castle and thus built the Bangalore Palace along the same lines.

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