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Celebrated with gusto and pomp to mark the advent of spring, the Mewar Festival is one of the most important events in the cultural calendar of Udaipur in Rajasthan. Preparations for this three-day celebration begins months in advance and on days leading up to the day, tourists, performing artistes from various parts of the state, and the country,

Rituals and celebrations
The Mewar Festival coincides with another equally important and vibrant local festival - the Gangaur festival, which begins from the day after Holi. The celebrations kick start with the gathering of the ashes of the Holi bonfire in which seeds of barley are buried and watered regularly till they begin to germinate. Women fast during this festival and pray for the well being of their husbands. 

On the day of the festival, women dress in traditional garments and deck up idols of Isar (Lord Shiva) and Gangaur (Goddess Parvati) and carry them on their heads to Lake Pichola. The procession starts from the clock tower and after reaching the lake, the idols are transferred to boats for immersion. 

This is followed by an array of cultural events that displays the rich and vibrant heritage of the state. Such native folk dance forms as kalbeliya and ghoomar are performed along with Rajasthani folk songs.