Khardung la or the Khardung pass, locally pronounced as Khardong La or Khardzong La, is one of the highest motorable roads in the world. With an estimated height of 18,379 ft, crossing the pass is an adventurous journey in itself, that attracts thrill-seekers on motorbikes, cars and even cycles. Also known as the Pass of Lower Castle, it offers picturesque panoramas as well.

Visitors can drive up to Khardung la but are encouraged to spend as little time at the summit as possible. Since it is so high up, visitors may experience headaches and breathlessness. There is a board that mentions the height of the pass against which people like to pose. The summit of the pass is usually covered in snow for most parts of the year. The temperatures at Khardung la are very fickle and thus very hard to predict. However, the average temperature in summers reaches up to 20 degree Celsius, while in winters it can dip down to -40 degree Celsius.


A gateway to Shyok and Nubra valleys, the pass was built in 1976 and opened to motor vehicles in 1988. It is currently maintained by the Indian Army, especially to supply goods to the Siachen Glacier.

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