Running along the western coast of India, from Tapti river in the north to the southern tip of India, the Western Ghats is a veritable treasure of biodiversity. It is the eighth biodiversity hotspot in the world, extending into the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The Western Ghats comprises several hill ranges such as Cardamom Hills, Nilgiris, Anaimalai Hills and Sahyadris. 
The Western Ghats shelters over 139 types of mammals, 508 species of birds, 5,000 kinds of flowering plants and 179 varieties of amphibians that are unique to the region. Some of the endangered species, such as Malabar large-spotted civet, Asian elephants, black panther, lion-tailed macaque, tiger, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, sambar and the great Indian hornbill, can be spotted here. The forests of the Western Ghats include 39 reserves and 13 national parks.

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