in Srinagar


Srinagar is a city of endless entertainment experiences, from the calming houseboat stay amidst pristine waters of Dal Lake to the trendy and popular Challi Point, bustling with locals and tourists relishing seekh kababs and corn. The paramount reason why people visit Srinagar is for the unforgettable Shikara rides, taking in the scenic beauty of the snow-clad Himalayas against the backdrop of Dal Lake. And who can forget the aesthetic and cultural value of the Zero Bridge, a surreal location during the day and night, with multiple street food delicacies and handicraft stores nearby. A visit to Srinagar promises an experience of a lifetime.


Boat House

Boat House Accommodation Indulging in a stay in a houseboat amidst the pristine waters of Dal Lake is an essential activity when visiting Srinagar. These wooden abodes are adorned with traditional Kashmiri decor, offering a luxurious way to experience local life while enjoying the mesmerizing surroundings. The tranquil atmosphere and interior decor of the houseboat provide a calming and soothing experience, leaving guests feeling fully rejuvenated.

Challi Point

Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Dal Lake, Challi Point is a trendy and popular destination in Srinagar. This bustling location attracts both tourists and locals alike who come to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and relax amidst small stalls selling delectable street food such as seekh kababs and corn. Spend a balmy evening at Challi Point and create unforgettable memories.

Shikara Ride

Srinagar's quintessential attraction is the relaxing and memorable Shikara rides. Glide across the scenic Dal Lake with the majestic, snow-capped Himalayas serving as a breathtaking backdrop, an experience both enjoyable and unparalleled. One of the most popular circuits for Shikara rides is from Nehru Park past Hazratbal, Nagin, Rainawari, and back.

Zero Bridge

Situated in the southeastern part of Srinagar city, Zero Bridge is a crucial tourist spot due to its aesthetic and cultural value. The wooden bridge, adorned with intricate details, spanning across the tranquil waters makes the location surreal both during the day and night. This popular destination offers an opportunity to take good photographs, mingle with locals or other tourists, and even shop at handicraft and art stores nearby. Pedestrians can cross the bridge, as vehicle flow was stopped in the 1980s. Its name's origin is debated; one legend suggests it was named after the contractor who took on the project. This contractor happened to be a person with hearing impairment and in Kashmiri language, deafness is referred to as "Zorr," which may have led to the bridge being initially called "Zorr." Eventually, to make it easier for people to pronounce, the name was changed to "Zero Bridge". While another suggests it relates to the number, as it was constructed before Srinagar's official first bridge. Regardless of its name's origin, Zero Bridge is a must-visit destination in Srinagar, with street food delicacies available throughout the day and evening.