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Rugged terrain, snow-capped mountains and glistening water bodies, if this is not the perfect mix to offer you an unforgettable adventure experience, then what is! Srinagar offers a plethora of exciting outdoor activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush. A mecca for skiing enthusiasts, the ski resorts in Gulmarg are just a short drive away from Srinagar and some of the best in the country. With vast open spaces, deep powder snow, and a variety of slopes they are fit for any skill level. If you're looking for something less extreme, the Tarsar Marsar trek offers some of the most scenic landscapes in the region. Traverse through alpine meadows, glaciers, and pristine lakes while enjoying the fresh mountain air. For water sports enthusiasts, kayaking and canoeing in Srinagar's jewel - the Dal Lake - is a must. The calm waters and scenic surroundings offer a serene yet exhilarating experience. Set your spirits free in Srinagar.


Skiing at Gulmarg

Ski through the pristine peaks of the Himalayas, Gulmarg is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts. Its glistening slopes, powdery snow, and breathtaking vistas provide an unmatched skiing experience. From beginners to professionals, the skiing routes cater to all levels of skill and expertise. As you glide down the slopes, the crisp mountain air and stunning landscape will leave you spellbound, making it an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Explore the thrill at these places:

  • The height of slopes in Gulmarg varies between 8,700 ft and 10,500 ft and their gradient challenges both beginners and experts.
  • Experts can head to the Pir Panjal range at a height of 14,000 ft which is carpeted withpowder snow.


Srinagar is not only famous for its lush green valleys and serene lakes but also for its adrenaline-pumping paragliding experience. Soar high above the beautiful landscape, as you take in the stunning views of the mountains and valleys below. The thrill of flying like a bird, with the wind in your face, and the world beneath you, is an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced flyer, Srinagar offers an excellent opportunity to explore the skies and conquer your fears.

Explore the thrill at these places:

  • Ashtanmarg is a popular paragliding spot in Srinagar. This small and beautiful town is located towards the outskirts of Srinagar. Some of the top paragliding points close to Srinagar include Aru village in Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Harwan Garden.
  • Flying at a height of around 7400 to 5300 feet above the ground, this ride would mostly go on for 15 minutes.

Gulmarg Trek

Nestled amidst the picturesque Himalayan range, Gulmarg offers a plethora of opportunities for trekking enthusiasts. With its stunning scenery, lush green meadows, and alpine forests, it's a paradise for adventure seekers. The trek offers a unique opportunity to explore the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, as you traverse through the rugged terrain, dense forests, and gushing streams. From beginners to experienced trekkers, the Gulmarg Trek offers an exciting and challenging adventure that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

Explore the thrill at these places

  • Gulmarg to Alpather Lake Trek: Moderate trek to Alpather Lake, takes 4-6 hours from Gulmarg.
  • Gulmarg to Khilanmarg Trek: Short and easy trek to Khilanmarg, which takes 3-4 hours from Gulmarg.
  • Gulmarg to Ningli Nalla Trek: Moderate trek to Ningli Nalla, with an option to camp overnight, can be completed in a day.
  • Gulmarg to Tosamaidan Trek: Challenging 3-day trek to Tosamaidan, passes through forests, meadows, and high-altitude passes.
  • Gulmarg to Ferozepur Nala Trek: Easy trek to Ferozepur Nala Valley, suitable for beginners and families, can be completed in a day.

Sonmarg Trek

Sonmarg, the meadow of gold, is a breathtaking destination for trekking enthusiasts. The trek offers a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty, as you traverse through the rugged terrain, snow-capped peaks, and glistening streams. The trek is famous for its stunning views of the Thajiwas glacier and the mesmerizing vistas of the Himalayan range. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a beginner, Sonmarg Trek offers an unmatched experience that will leave you awestruck and enchanted.

Explore the thrill at these places

  • Sonmarg to Thajiwas Glacier Trek: Short and easy trek (3-4km), passes through lush meadows and pine forests, offers views of the glacier and mountains, best time from May to September.
  • Sonmarg to Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek: Moderate to difficult trek (65km, 7-8 days), takes you to twin alpine lakes amidst picturesque meadows and snow-capped peaks, passes through forests and high-altitude passes, best time from July to September.
  • Sonmarg to Vishansar and Krishansar Lakes Trek: Moderate trek (35-40km, 5-6 days) to beautiful alpine lakes nestled in the Kashmir Valley, passes through meadows, dense forests, and offers stunning mountain views, best time from June to September.
  • Sonmarg to Gangbal Lake Trek: Challenging trek (45km, 5-6 days) to the sacred Gangbal Lake at the foothills of Mount Haramukh, passes through high-altitudemeadows, rocky terrains, and offers breathtaking views of peaks, best time from July to September.
  • Sonmarg to Amarnath Cave Trek via Baltal: One of the most popular pilgrimage treks of India (30km, 2-3 days) to the holy Amarnath Cave, passes through steep mountainous terrains and offers stunning landscape views, best time during the annual Amarnath Yatra (July-August).