Yoga and Wellness


A land of cultural plurality and rich ancient wisdom, India is known for its traditional systems of medicine that view health and well-being in a unique way. Since time immemorial, the Indian systems of preventive and proactive approach to healthcare have been appreciated worldwide. Over several centuries, innumerable systems of natural medication have survived and flourished in India which aim at synthesis between life and nature, without taking help of artificial or chemical elements. With the world turning to healthier lifestyles, this is becoming an important tourism sector. Among these traditional medicine and lifestyle systems, Yoga is the science of achieving absolute union with the divine. India has become the centre for Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, Naturopathy etc. and ashrams across the country are welcoming tourists who want to escape frenetic lives and combine their vacations with holistic wellness. India has continued to enrich this invaluable treasure of knowledge and practices by strengthening the research organisations and implementation of schemes to promote, cultivate and regenerate plants and herbs used in these systems. Local health practices are being revitalised under various programs and accreditation of Naturopathy is getting implemented meticulously. Central Councils established for the Indian Systems of medicines have undertaken numerous research projects to establish the most scientific practices through clinical trials. India prepares itself with renewed dedication and welcomes the world into the sublime realm of health and wellness.