Tribal Arts


  • Tribal Mens Dress

    The men’s dress could not well be simpler, consisting as it does of a single cloth about 7 feet long and 5 wide. It is worn by grasping one corner in the left hand and the cloth is passed over the left shoulder, behind the back, under the right arm across the chest and the end thrown over the left shoulder. These coats are ornamented on the sleeves with bands of red and white of various patterns.

  • Tribal Ornaments

    Baandha, Phuli, Suta, Bali, Khunti, Patta, Choora, Ainthi are some of the decorative ornaments famous with the tribal women in Chhattisgarh. Karandhi is worn on the waist with saree, while Pounchhi is a ring for upper arm, and Bicchiya are the toe rings. Being the capital city, you can easily get these exquisite jewellery items from the local shops in Raipur.

  • Tribal Womens Dress

    A single cloth is wrapped tightly around the waist, a haversack protected by a bear or tiger skin guard over one shoulder, and a fighting dao or dah over the other, and a gun in the man’s hand completes each warrior’s equipment. A man who has earned the title of “Thanhchhuah” is allowed to wear a cloth of a certain pattern and those who have killed men in war have special head-dresses, known as “chhawndawl” and “arke-ziak”.