The metal crafts of India display intricate craftsmanship and fine art in shaping gold, silver, brass, copper into exquisite designed images, idols, jewelry, and utility items. Different categories of handicrafts that come under metal ware are brass metal ware of Moradabad, metal bidri work and bell metal in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and so on.

  • Dokra Metal Casting

    This is the indigenous metallurgy art of the Dhokra Kamar tribes of West Bengal. The products produced through this technique have a charming rustic look that has made them very popular in India as well as abroad. Craftsmen usually make figurines of deities, sacred animals as well as birds. Jewelry pieces, like necklaces and bracelets made by Dokra are also exquisite.

  • Metal Craft

    Brass and Bell Metal wares occupy a pride of place in Odia society. The artisans are traditionally called 'Kansari'. The workshop is called 'Sala' or shed where the beating, heating and polishing is done. The product range includes cooking ware, utensils, gongs, small bells etc. One of the typical items is the Flexible Brass Fish of Ganjam.

  • Metalware

    Uttar Pradesh is the largest Brass and Copper producing state in India. In domestic-ware each of the 'lotas' (small water-pots) is known by the name of its origin, like Etawah, Banaras, Sitapur, etc. The ritual articles are largely in copper.