Rock climbing, Artificial Wall Climbing


  • Rock Climbing at Badami

    Badami is an ancient town situated in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. Badami is a famous adventure destination in the state of Karnataka, owing to the presence of red sand stone cliffs that surround the Agastya Tirtha water reservoir. These sandstone cliffs have horizontal cracks, which make Badami a favored destination of rock climbers. Rock climbers visiting Badami can go for free climbing (Trad & Sport Climbing) and bouldering. Badami rocks have many multiple routes and more than 150 bolted routes.

  • Rock Climbing at Hampi

    Hampi is a bouldering paradise. The practically endless trails of boulder hills give a range of options based on your level. Thought it is not primarily known for climbing, Hampi has a number of places where the bouldering folks camp. There are even some guesthouses who rent out the basic gadgets.

  • Rock Climbing at Ramanagaram

    Rock climbing in Ramanagara is an activity every adventure buff should try. Located just about 50 km from Bangalore, Ramanagara is a very popular rock climbing destination in Karnataka.The rocks in Ramanagara are majorly granite rocks, which is the most preferred type among Indian climbers. On the rock climbing grading scale, Ramanagara is usually placed in the moderate to difficult grade. The place is recognized as an international rock climbing site.

  • Rock Climbing in Pune

    Pune is a metropolitan city in Maharashtra. There are two climbing areas at about 90 minutes drive from the city. The climbing season is roughly November through March. April, May is usually too hot to climb and June through October is the rainy season. The rock is basalt, and usually a little brittle, so care has to be taken. Most routes are single pitch sport climbs, but there are a couple of 3 or 4 pitch climbs too in Plus Valley.

  • Rock Climbing in Spiti Valley

    The Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya mountains in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name 'Spiti' means 'The Middle Land', i.e. the land between Tibet and India. The rugged awe-inspiring snow clad mountains are standing invitation to the hikers, mountaineers and adventurers. The entire district is full of natural scenery exorting the tourists and visitors to explore and imbibe its hidden grandeur.