Food and Cuisine


Local cuisines of Yercaud

  • Chettinad Chicken

    The most popular non-vegetarian curry in South India, it is made with spices and coconut. The original recipe hails from Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu.

  • Kola Urundai

    A popular local cuisine, these are deep fried mutton balls usually served as a starter or appetizer dish with varied choices of chutneys.

  • Paniyaram

    Plain, spiced, or sweet dumplings made from leftover idli batter, Paniyaaram is a wholesome South Indian Cuisine and a preferred breakfast snack.

  • Saapadu Thali

    The ultimate meal in South Indian cuisine, Saapaadu is a traditional meal served on banana leaf. The complete Saapaadu meal comprises of rice, dal, veggies, pickles, chutneys and sweets.

  • Sweetmeats

    End your meal in a typical south Indian style, that rests with the desserts. Savour the enticing flavor of payasam, kesari or sweet pongal.

  • Thogayal

    A sort of chutney, it's a side dish savoured with lemon rice, curd rice or sambar rice. There are a variety of Thogayals like Parupputhogayal, coriander leaves thogayal, Mint thogayal, Thengaithogayal, etc.


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