Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


Undulating hills and thick greenery are characteristics of the wildlife sanctuary of Wayanad. The elevated landscape ensures a cool climate and visitors can enjoy a serene cool atmosphere with temperature falling up to 13 degree Celsius during winter and rising up to 32 degree Celsius during summer. Diverse and bustling animal life of the region includes a variety of other animals too including the rarest Slender Loris.Big cats, like the tiger, panther etc. can be spotted in this area. Langurs, bonnet macaques, bison, monkeys, sambar, Malabar squirrel and bear too can be spotted.There is a variety of reptiles to be seen here like Monitor lizards and various kinds of snakes. The other fauna of the region include crocodiles, flying lizards, skinks, and turtles. About 216 species of rare and beautiful birds can be seen here.And the water areas and rivers are filled with amphibians and large varieties of fish.