The Neelimala viewpoint is easily among the upper echelon in the district. Here, one gets a pristine view of the great Meenmutti Waterfalls, causing people to throng to this destination in large numbers.
The trek up to the viewpoint is just as beautiful as the destination itself. You are surrounded by plants and flowers of all varieties and hues along, with the refreshing aroma of coffee giving you company the entire way. Small birds chirp merrily and urge you to the summit. Soon the setting changes and the mighty Western Ghats appear at their finest. The clouds seem closer and the valley appears to extend indefinitely from this point. From the mist covered slopes to the massive boulders in interesting formations around you, you get to choose whichever slice of nature you wish to explore.
This area is today a popular picnic spot. The aura of exclusivity and wonder surrounding the place is the perfect reason to make the trek. The white waters of Meenmutti crash into the ground with a deep roar that serenades every single visitor. It is a delightful feeling, as nature exists here in its purest form. A visit to Wayanad is incomplete without soaking in this magnificent sight.