Arts And Crafts


  • Baluchari Sarees

    Particularly known for its silk (tussar), Bishnupur's Baluchari Sarees are woven on unusual punch-card looms, with episodes from the Mahabharata imprinted on the border and pallu.

  • Dhokra Artifacts

    A type of tribal art with brass metal, it depicts the daily life of a tribal household. Most popular themes explored in this craft are the art forms of Durga, Ganesha playing various musical instruments and Krishna. You may as well buy animals carved out of metal brass, jewelry items like pendants, bangles, and earrings, or utility items like pen stands and various boxes. Bishnupur's markets are full of these artifacts.

  • Terracotta Artifacts in Panchmura

    Panchmura offers an assortment of household, décor and jewelry products made of terracotta. The Terracotta Horse of Bankura is acclaimed as the national symbol for Indian handicrafts.


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