Food and Cuisine


Rice, Vegetables, dal and mixed curry make up the main local diet. Pesarattu, a dosa having a filling of Upma and onions is also very popular.  

  • Appadams

    Also known as papad in other Indian regions, Appadam is a thin, crisp, and disc-shaped snack thats very popular in Vishakhapatnam. Grab it for a light munching.

  • Boorelu

    A typical Andhra Pradesh recipe, Boorelu is a deep fried sweet snack that you must try in Vishakhapatnam or nearby town. Its extremely popular locals in this region.

  • Murukku

    A crunchy snack, it is typically made from rice flour and urad dal flour. In most of the South Indian cities, its a famous evening savoury to munch on.

  • Pulihora

    Also known as tamarind rice, its a common dish in Andhra Pradesh. Puli in Pulihora can be translated as "sour taste" referring to the characterizing use of tamarind as one of the main ingredients.

  • Putharekulu

    A popular Indian sweet procured from the village of Athreyapuram in Andhra Pradesh, it is famously known as Paper Sweet, as it gives the appearance of a folded paper.


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