Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary


The Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1982, is spread over an area of about 501 square km of Mirzapur & Sonbhadra districts. Besides wildlife, the sanctuary has a lush green dense forest cover with numerous waterfalls, the treasure of pre-historic caves, rock paintings and the heritage of rare fossils. It is an ideal spot for winter tourism.Animals found here are Black Buck, Chital, Sambhar, Chinkara, Blue Bull, Indian Monkey, Baboons (Langoor), Rabbits, Porcupine, Wild Dogs, Wild Cat, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Mongoose, Bear, Jackal, Peafowl, Ratal. Black Buck, also called the Indian Antelope, which is a rare & protected species of Deer. Birds found here include the Grey Quail, Doves, Francolin, Black Partridge, Coloured Francolin, Red Spur, Pigeon, Blue Pigeon, Fowl, Sand Ground.