Many great cities of antiquity around the world were the center of their civilization for centuries, only to be lost to the ages. But there are not many places in the world that went from being a small place of moderate importance to being the capital of the kingdom to being almost entirely deserted and nearly lost to the wilderness within a century. Champaner, around 45 km. from Vadodara,  is one such place. Champaner was an out-of-the-way pilgrimage site for hundreds of years, became the capital of Gujarat, and was then abandoned to be overtaken by the jungle.

Champaner has several large and prominent mosques, a testament to its time of glory as the capital of Gujarat during the Mughal reign. Most date from the late 15th century. These include the Jami Masjid, Nagina Masjid, Kevasa Masjid, Sahar ki Masjid and Lila Gumbai ki Masjid.