Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park


Situated 45 km. from Vadodara, this UNESCO World Heritage site is characterized by forts and bastions starting from the hills of Pavagadh and extending into the city of Champaner.  Champaner city is remarkably well-preserved, with Hindu and Jain temples a thousand years old, mosques from the time of the Gujarat Sultanate, and the remains of a well-planned capital city still in evidence, from granaries and fortifications to stepwells and cemeteries.  

The principal township at the base of the hill included the Hissar-i-Khas (the royal palace) as well as the Jami Masjid. Arranged in a circle with the Jami Masjid at the center, major arteries ran from there to the nine major gates of the city, with mosques built near many of the gates, elevated to be widely visible.