Arts and Crafts


  • Bandhej Print of Ujjain

    Bandhej print is characterized by the application of 'Laharia' and 'Chunari' on the surface of the garments. Imaginary points are marked on the cloth and knots are tied with the help of threads at every point before being dipped in colour, which is the main feature of this art-form.

  • Batik Print of Ujjain

    Batik Print is quite popular craft existent in Ujjain and many bed sheets, sarees, wall panels, portraits, dress materials, etc. contain the rich batik prints. Hot melted wax was utilized for this form of batik print, which was completed with the aid of brush or pen for the purpose of dying.

  • Bhairavgarh Print of Ujjain

    The tradition of Bhairavgarh print commenced with the aide of blocks that were made of potatoes and 'bandhej'. Later, blocks of wood or soil were employed in the Bhairavgarh Print. The regional craftsmen of Ujjain have kept this ancient art alive till date.

  • Block Print of Ujjain

    Initially blocks of potato were utilized in the technique of block printing, which later included the process of employing wooden blocks. Special teak wood was the surface on which the blocks used to be carved and various kinds of wooden blocks were used for creating unique colour combinations. The most challenging art of the printing process is the composition of colours, which depends on the type of material on which they are printed.

  • Screen Print of Ujjain

    In screen printing, a mould is prepared on the surface of a metal frame and is employed to create excellent screen prints. Photo sensitive chemicals are applied over the clothes after the cloth is bolted.


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