Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary


This sanctuary is renowned for its incredible congregation of migratory waterfowl, Flamingos in particular. Five to ten thousand Flamingos can be seen here at one time during the season. With a total area of 17.29 sq. km, almost half of the sanctuary consists of tidal swamps called the great swamp, which forms an ideal habitat for Flamingos and other water birds. During spring when the trees and shrubs are laden with wild berries, it attracts thousands of birds like the green pigeons, rosy pastors, koels, mynas and barbets. As the winter sets in a huge wave of insectivorous birds congregates here attracted by the abundance of insects and vegetation. The place starts seething with paradise fly catchers, Indian pittas, shrikes, swallows, drongos, minivets, blue jays, and wood-bucks. Spotted deer and Wild Boar can also be seen in this sanctuary. The best season to visit is from November till February.