Food and Cuisine


  • Idli

    A savoury dish made from semolina or rice. These appear like white pancakes, but vegetables and spices can be added to make it more colourful and flavourful. It can relished coconut chutney and Sambar.

  • Sambar

    A traditional South-Indian stew made from lentils, tamarind and seasoned vegetables. It is relished with boiled rice or Idli or Uthapam or Dosa as a side dish. Sambar enhance the taste of its side dishes. It is also enjoyed with rice.

  • Vada

    A deep-fried savoury item made from lentils. These delights are deep fried golden-brown and served with Sambar, a traditional south Indian stew. It is served at roadside eateries to big hotels and restaurants.


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