Otherwise known as Vaitarani Tirtha, Jajpur with Goddess Viraja (Durga) as its presiding deity is one of the sacred places of pilgrimage in Orissa. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of India where the navel of Sati is said to have fallen. The place has its unique importance in India as Navigaya Kshetra where pinda is offered for the satisfaction of the ancestors. The shrine of Sweta Varaha (the white boar incarnation of Vishnu) along with hundreds of other shrines here made Jajpur a Tirtha par excellence. The "Dasasvamedha Ghat", the flight of steps leading to the Vaitarani where the ten horse sacrifice was performed is a great sanctified spot for the Hindus. The annual Ratha Yatra, the chariot festival of Goddess Viraja during Dussehra is an additional attraction.


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