Things To Do


  • Shopping Tribal Crafts

    Handicrafts in Jharkhand are mostly created by the various tribes and its people. Bamboo work is famous here as the raw material is abundantly available. Some crafts of Jharkhand are intricate works of its tribes, and are easily available in main bazaars as well as local shops.

  • Tribal Jewelry

    The tribal people of Jharkhand make beautiful Ornaments, which they are very fond of wearing. The beautiful jewelry with gold, silver and beads highlight the elegance of the traditional culture of the region and is a great keepsake to bring back home.

  • Tribal Research Institute and Museum

    If you are curious about the ethnography and cultures of the tribal groups, the Tribal Research Institute Museum is one of India's finest museums dealing exclusively with the culture. It depicts the history of main tribal groups Asurs, Mundas and Khonds. Located 200 meters from Morabadi stadium, it provides an invaluable introduction to Jharkhand's indigenous peoples of Jharkhand. This museum is a must visit place for all cultural curators and enthusiasts.


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