Arts And Crafts


  • Bamboo Works

    Another famous handicraft from the state of Jharkhand, Bamboo work is appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Bamboo is mainly used here to carve fishing equipment, baskets, boxes and decorative items.

  • Metal Craft

    Popular amongst Tentri and Malhar communities, who are also known to be experts in metal crafts, you'll be mesmerized by their exquisite household wares and decorative items out of metal. They also make simple and beautiful jewelry with metals and beads.

  • Paitkar paintings

    The Paitkar paintings at Jharkhand are one of the most ancient schools of painting in India. This mode of painting is a creative expression of the folk art of Jharkhand and the adjacent states. 

  • Stone Carvings

    Another traditional craft of Jharkhand is stone carving. Once flourishing, this craft is losing ground over the years with just a handful of stone carving artists remaining.

  • Tribal ornaments

    The tribal people of Jharkhand make beautiful Ornaments, which they are very fond of wearing. The beautiful jewelry with gold, silver and beads highlight the elegance of the traditional culture of the region and is a great keepsake to bring back home. It includes hasuli, thela, tarpat, pahuchi, mandli, jhumka, matar rola, Sikri and Kadhas are very common among them.

  • Wooden Crafts

    Once a dense forest area, Jharkhand with the abundance of wood, resulted in the use this for creating variety of wood articles for household requirements.


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