Tarnetar, 35 km. from Wankaner and 73 km. from Rajkot is famous for its annual  Tarnetar Fair held in the month of August / September near the Trinetreshwar Mahadev temple, which means "the three-eyed God." The old temple that used to stand in Tarnetar was ruined, but a new one was built by the Gaekwads of Vadodara in the 19th century, and is now the focal point of the festival. It stands on the bank of a rivulet and opens into a beautiful kund. It is locally believed that this site used to be the original course of the Ganga river at some point in history, so a dip in the temple tank is considered to be auspicious by pilgrims.

This Tarnetar fair is a celebration of Gujarat’s folk-dance, music, costumes and the arts, centered around young tribal men and women seeking marriage partners. A large number of stalls are put up to sell beautiful local handicrafts, along with ethnic jewellery, statues of deities and traditional attire.  



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